Steve V

Ergonomic chair, elegant, relaxed look. It combines all possible settings with a special inclination of the backrest and sliding part of the seat. You can choose from a variety of options and …

– highly ergonomically designed backrest for maximum grip at sitting
– syinchro mechanism for adjusting the inclination of the backrest and seat
– standstill in seven positions and allows free oscillation by adjusting the hardness of the oscillation depending on the weight of the user
– a negative inclination
– microregulation of the height of the backrest and lumbar
– ergonomically designed seat
– seat sliding plate
– base high polished Al
– adjustible armrests
– upholstery renna
– wheels for hard surfaces
– headrest

– without armrests
– additional lumbar support adjustable in height
– upholstery leather
– base PP black
– without headrests