About us

We are familiy company, established in 1992.

Our basic preocupation is equipping working places with suitable chairs. We combine years of experiences with knowledge which helps that Your sitting on the chairs would be less stressing for Your body. Our products have many ergonomic solutions which enable quality, dinamic and active seating, thereby relieving vital parts of your body.

We are commited to quality products and services which are fulfilling conditions from homeland and international standars. Our mission is helping companies to achieve higher efficiency with a help of healthy and proper seating on the one site and on the other site to enable family members and individuals to use ergonomic chairs at home for everyday plaesures.

After many years of our active role in chair industry we bulid unique relationships with a range of prominent homeland and international long-term users and partners. Our excellent business solutions are also reflected in the acquisition of the highest creditworthiness rating AAA by company DUN & BRADSTREET.